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Memorial 2 Stream


A division of Timeless Visual Entertainment and specially put together with full dedication in fulfilling those needs in the most difficult time of any persons life.

Our services are there to make it easy for you to spend as little time possible in making sure that members that can not attend, be part of this day of importance as if they were there. 

Our Staff


Our staff are compassionate and highly professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the multi media industry.  

Our Equipment


Is the new generation in state of the art video and stream technology available today. 

No cabling needed to connect HD cameras to the stream production workstation, therefore providing our team to be less noticeable during the service. 

Our Vission


Why live stream a memorial service? 

The simple answer: because people want to share in the collective compassion of loss. Even separated by miles, countries or even continents. Is it the same as being there? No, but you can connect with the collective emotion of the event through your smartphone, tablet or PC.

A live stream of a funeral may be the only option for those far away or too ill to travel. Other obstacles such as cost or time could prevent people from being able to attend. Is it the same? No. It's not a replacement. It's not designed to be a replacement. Digital technology offers new choices not available before. While still miles away people can experience the service, share the stories and virtually "be there" for their families. 

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